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The Man with the Dancing Monkey, Wolsak and Wynn, 1997, ISBN 0-919897-54-1 This is a book of poetry by Barbara.

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The Road Home edited by Fred Stenson, Reidmore, ISBN 1-895073-21-9– This anthology includes one short story by Barbara, “Hunting Season” (p. 249-255). It is the story of life in a small town in northern Alberta during hunting season. 

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The Dominion of Love: An Anthology of Canadian Love Poems edited by Tom Wayman, Harbour Publishing, 2001, 1-55017-238-7. This anthology includes 1 poem by Barbara,“The Hunting Knife” (p.83). This poem was also published in her book The Man with the Dancing Monkey.

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Boundless Alberta edited by Aritha van Herk, NeWest Press, Edmonton, AB, ISBN 0-920897-41-X. This anthology includes one story by Barbara, “Texas Two-Step” (p. 1-7). The story is set in a dance class in northern Alberta.

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200% Cracked Wheat

edited by Gary Hyland, Barbara Sapergia, Geoffrey Ursell, Coteau Book, Regina, SK, 1992 ISBN 1-55050-038-4

This anthology of humour contains 2 very short stories by Barbara “My Muse is a Tramp” (p. 348) and “My Muse is Tired of Literature” (p. 402). The stories are about a straight-laced writer with a vampy muse.

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Wrestling with the Angel: Women Reclaiming their Lives edited by Caterina Edwards &Kay Stewart, Red Deer Press, ISBN 0-88995-201-9. This anthology includes one short biographical essay by Barbara, “My Father’s Top Hat” (p. 119-123). The essay deals with the difficulties of moving “back” to the US after being raised overseas.


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